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Designers: Gio Mussi
Isola sofa combinations

An island of relaxation where you can land after a day of work, soft and welcoming. A safe refuge, where you can finally be yourself. The possibility of repositioning or completely removing the backrest allows you to play with the seat width, which becomes a conversation corner, a chaise longue, or even a bed. Isola, designed to be placed in the center of the room in open space environments, to be experienced on both sides at 360 °, is the result of the continuous research and experimentation of our master craftsmen. Incredibly modern and versatile, it contains abilities handed down through generations.

"Welcome back home"

Isola sofa combinations

Technical features


Solid wood structure with springing in crossed elastic belts with a high rubber content. High resilience polyurethane foam padding composed of different layers with different densities. Thermobonded fiber cover coupled with jersey nylon. Backrest structure in shaped high polyurethane density at different heights with metal insert.


The structure upholstery is available in all fabrics of the Mussi collection, with or without quilting.The leather version is available only in the version without quilting. The backrest cover is available in all the fabrics and leathers of the Mussi collection. At the bottom of the backrests a special non-slip fabric favors anchoring. The piping in cotton and acetate grosgrain in different colors embellishes the design in all its parts.


Optional back cushions padding in Assopiuma Gold label certified channeled goose down (over 90% goose down). Containment lining in Assopiuma certified breathable cotton.


The structure upholstery is completely removable by detaching the Velcro anchor. In the version with quilting it is necessary to release the anchoring laces of the structure. The leather version is only available in the variant without quilting. The upholstery of the backrests is completely removable by opening the hinges. The upholstery is removable in both fabric and leather versions.


Feet in black plastic material with non-slip base.

Sitting comfort

Sofa with generous seat, the depth can be adjusted as desired by simply moving of the backrests. This allows you to experience the sofa at 360 degrees, in any desired position and possibly use it as a bed.


When washing the fabric cover, follow the indications on the product sheet and cover the Velcro parts which could damage the fabric during the washing. The soft padding of the large seat will give the cover a natural softer and more aged appearance over time.


Isola is a sofa that offers the chance to create infinite combinations, because there are infinite ways of living an environment. Ideal for the home as well as for contract, it is freely customizable, with or without piping and quilting, in rectangular and square shape. Located in the center of the room, it allows you to sit comfortably on both sides. The removable back is designed to position itself correctly with its own support. Isola was created to allow you to read while lying down, to think or relax, to watch a movie in good company, without anyone giving up on comfort.

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