Gio Mussi

Desio, 1976

Born in Desio in 1976, Giovanni Mussi has been living closely with his family business since he was a child in Vergo Zoccorino, in the heart of Brianza and the Italian furniture district. During his school years, he already participated in Italian and international trade fairs, including Milan  Salone del Mobile, on behalf of the family business.

While getting more and more involved in the work of the company, he decided to devote himself to commercial management, which led him to travel to different countries of the world. Thanks to his love for design, Giovanni soon became passionate about the creative management of projects, working alongside established designers, including the art director Bruno Rainaldi, from whom he learned the pleasure of experimentation.

He supported engineering projects for Mussi products, including the patent for the joint of Kangura armchair and the development of more artistic products such as the collection of the haute couture designer Maurizio Galante. The love for his work and the sensitivity developed led him over the years to design different products that became part of Mussi collection.

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