A conscious production

The beauty of the landscape that surrounds us, the places where we are lucky enough to live and work lead us to act in harmony with nature. We believe in respect for natural resources, territories, communities and people.

Mussi sustainability: Brianza landscape

The bond with our land

We have always been deeply linked to our territory, Brianza, a region of mountains, lakes and hills: this bond with our natural heritage leads us to be sensitive to the needs of the environment.

On the other hand, the internationalization of our company has led us over the years to understand the needs of the different territories, societies and cultures. For this reason, it was inevitable to adopt an ethical production and a philosophy based on environmental, economic and social sustainability in our daily work and in the relationship with our interlocutors.

Mussi sustainability: goose down

Attention to natural resources

Ours is a creativity that respects natural resources, the team and the end customer. We don't produce more than we can sell. Our furniture is produced in Italy and handmade piece by piece, carefully choosing clean raw materials and reducing waste. For our products we were among the first to use water-based polyurethanes and water-based glues.

We only use feathers, goose and duck down in respect of animals.

Mussi sustainability: ethical production

People, the greatest value

We are proud to be able to count on a team of master craftsmen, strengthened by a competence gained in the heart of Brianza. Quality, craftsmanship and ability to create perfect finishes are the main features of our work.

For Mussi, sustainability also means responsibility towards the people who choose our furnishings. We are committed to guaranteeing materials that are resistant and made to last over time, because only by creating furniture destined to live for a long time can we avoid waste that damages the planet and guarantee a future for the next generations.

Mussi sustainability: respect for people
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