Our showroom is located in Vergo Zoccorino in Besana Brianza, in the heart of the furniture district, surrounded by nature, a short distance from Milan. Here you will find a large space dedicated to our upholstered furniture: in an environment where design meets elegance you can fully enjoy the Mussi experience.

Our showroom is a space that reflects our style and the art of creating beauty, guided by the love for our work through the skilled hands of our craftsmen. You will be able to see our collections in person, admire the refinement of the finishes, touch the fabrics with your hand and discover the comfort that best suits your sitting style. Touch is a sense that is never mistaken.

Mussi Showroom

Via Sant'Ambrogio, 42  - 20842
Vergo Zoccorino di Besana (MB) Italy

We receive by appointment.

Ph.: +39 0362 942120


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