The origins: Mussi family

The story of our company is also the story of our family. Founded in Brianza, in the heart of what is proudly called the Italian furniture district, Mussi has evolved over the years, cultivating and improving the production for which it has made itself known: upholstered furniture, a sector in which it boasts unsurpassed expertise and constant trust from the market.

Brianza: where it all began

Hills and lakes, small historic villages and a long-standing artisan tradition: this is Brianza, this is the landscape where Mussi originated.

It was 1901 when Gerunzio Mussi opened his carpentry shop, where he designed and built solid wood furniture for the kitchen and chests for the bedroom.

Mussi: Brianza landscape
Mussi: handmade work

The quality of Mussi workshop was excellent, to the point of being rewarded in 1924 with the Labour Merit Star by King Vittorio Emanuele III on the occasion of Milan Industry and Work Exhibition.

In 1945, after the two wars, Mussi workshop was reborn with Giovanni, son of Gerunzio, and his four young sons, Giancarlo, Mario, Gerunzio and Roberto.

Mussi sofas '60s-'70s mod. COMPOR S 72

The '60s and '70s

In 1961 Gerunzio and Roberto chose to focus on the upholstered furniture sector, specializing in the creation of sofas and beds: the artisan workshop of our family changed quickly, taking on an industrial footprint.

In 1972 the first Mussi collection was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

In the meantime, our work remained manual, completely handcrafted: Mussi was a real “arts and crafts” workshop, in the wake of the great Italian manufacturing tradition. 

Mussi sofa and armchairs '60s - '70s
Mussi sofas '60s-'70s
Mussi sectional sofas '60s '70s
Mussi sectional sofa '60s - '70s
40 years of Milan Salone del Mobile
Mussi Uno Due Tre sofa bed Uno Due Tre – 3 complete beds in one sofa
Mussi Diavolone sofa Diavolone – Powered by air
Mussi patent: electric welded spring for sofa beds Electric welded spring – The right solution for the ultimate comfort

The '80s and '90s

The 1980s marked a period of expansion for our company on the national market thanks to the high tailoring of our upholstered furniture and the innovations introduced in the sector, including the welded mesh for sofa beds.

In those years the company started growing, becoming a brand distributed in the best Italian stores.

Mussi Settanta sofa Settanta – Pure modular design
Mussi Kati sofa Kati – Cold foam technology
Mussi bed '80s

Logo restyling

The 2000s

In the late '90s, the creative line and coordination of Mussi collections were entrusted to Bruno Rainaldi, who personally took care of the design of the company's upholstered furniture.

In those years Mussi transformed itself, acquiring a highly recognizable, refined and modern style, capable of fusing tradition and innovation in an indissoluble way. This was also the period in which expansion towards international markets began.

Mussi Dodolly sectional sofa Dodolly sectional sofa
Mussi Freeplay Chrome chaise longue Freeplay Chrome
Mussi Staircase sofa Staircase
Mussi Softlybox sofa Softlybox
Mussi logo

Mussi today: Made in Italy around the world

The story of the family continues: today Giovanni and Marta, Roberto's son and daughter, are leading the company with passion.

Today Mussi is an atelier where artisan knowledge, design, technology and industrial organization come together to create the most exclusive upholstered furniture. We have enthusiastically accepted the challenges of the third millennium, of a digital and multicultural world, expanding on international markets and meeting the needs of our customers all over the world.

Our upholstered furniture is today an emblem of refined lifestyle, of a furnishing concept capable of combining aesthetics, functionality and quality of materials. We look to the future with confidence, always ready to seize new opportunities.

Mussi Sedutalonga sectional sofa
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