Bruno Rainaldi

Milan, 1952 - 2004

Bruno Rainaldi directed the first High-Tech in Corso di Porta Ticinese, Milan. He worked alongside Maddalena De Padova in the historic Corso Venezia showroom, then worked alongside Enrico Baleri, as a partner of Baleri & Associati, in defining communication strategies for design companies and sales outlets.

He founded Studio Rari - of which he was the soul and creative director - and started his first collaborations as artistic director / designer with various Italian design companies including Alivar, MDF, Mussi Italy, Sintesi. Then Terzani, Slamp, Casprini, Annibale Colombo, Bilumen, Davide Medri, Opinion Ciatti and Dilmos. With a deep knowledge of the market, a great passion for figurative arts and a precious talent for transversal associations gained over the years, Bruno Rainaldi has definitively linked his professionalism to the world of design.

In 2002 he inaugurated Entratalibera with Marta Giardini, a very special Milanese space where to exhibit his projects and a selection of objects. He also designed bookcases, tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, beds, accessories and lighting. A universe of intense and iconic objects that do not reflect a stylistic coherence, rather the true sense of industrial design: producing the right objects for the right uses. If something unites them is the essentiality of the design, the freedom of use, the compositional versatility.

In 2004 ADI association awarded Bruno Rainaldi with the prestigious Compasso d’Oro for the Ptolomeo vertical bookcase.

With irony, Bruno Rainaldi loved to define himself a "sidewalk designer" and his own a "chaotically rigorous" style.

Designer for Mussi: Bruno Rainaldi

Products designed by Bruno Rainaldi

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