“One sofa, two souls”

Sofa Beds


Designers: Bruno Rainaldi
Mussi twin sofa bed  white background

Twin is a sofa bed with pure shapes, inspired by the best 1930s design. Single, double or twin, it strikes for its classic and rigorous elegance, resulting from an accurate exercise of subtraction that points to the essence of things. Imposing to the eye but soft to the touch, with its versatile nature it lends itself to endless compositions.

“One sofa, two souls”

Mussi twin sofa bed  white background

Technical features


Polished chromed tubular steel structure and steam bent beech wood slats.


The upholstery is available in all the fabrics and leathers of the Mussi collection.


Seat mattress in high resilience polyurethane covered with thermo-bonded fiber coupled with cotton cloth. Back and armrest cushion padding in Assopiuma Ivory label feather (90% goose down, 10% duck feather) channeled in an Assopiuma certified breathable cotton cover. Upon request: backrest and armrest cushions in high resilience polyurethane foam covered in heat bonded fiber.


The upholstery is completely removable with the aid of special openable hinges. The Velcro anchor allows to remove mattresses from the slatted beech structure. The cover is removable both in fabric and leather versions.

Sitting comfort

A functional seat designed to be comfortable both sitting and lying down. The second pull-out bed can become a useful pouf to be used as additional seating. Placing it next to the seat, it transforms Twin in a comfortable deep sofa.


Squeezing is necessary for the correct maintenance of the feather cushions: slam the cushions vigorously in order to rearrange the feathers inside.


The long unique cushions can accentuate the normal slight settling of the covering fibers by presenting folds on the cushions over time. When washing the fabric cover, follow the indications on the product sheet and cover the Velcro parts that could damage the fabric during washing.


Twin is available in single and double versions to meet different needs.

Mussi Twin Double Sofa bed Double Bed.
Mussi Twin Single Sofa Bed Single Bed.
Mussi Twin sofa bed assembly phase 1
Mussi Twin sofa bed assembly phase 2
Mussi Twin sofa bed assembly phase 3
Mussi Twin sofa bed assembly phase 4

Opening in few seconds

From sofa to bed, in just ten seconds. The top of the second beech bed can be recessed when Twin acts as a sofa, or extracted from the structure when it acts as a bed. The mattress - seat guarantees comfort both sitting and lying down. The plastic wheels allow the structure to be moved easily.


Twin sofa bed is composed of a structure in high-strength polished chromed steel. The bed surface in beech slats ensures stability and comfort. Thanks to an intelligent mechanism, removing the built-in top is simple and immediate. With Twin in the living room, having an extra guest is never a problem.

Mussi Twin sofa bed structure

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