Designers: Gio Mussi
Coffee table Silhouette granite marble top

A design coffee table, with geometric yet elegant shapes. A sophisticated piece of furniture, which completes and enriches the composition of the living room. The orthogonal lines draw a light-looking cube, embellished by refined marble or granite tops. The place where you can leave a book or a loved object, knowing you’ll find it here again next time.

"The elegance of the essential"

Coffee table Silhouette granite marble top

Technical features


Titanium-colored painted tubular steel structure. 2 cm thick marble top.


2 cm thickness: Carrara marble, Emperador Dark marble, Sahara noir satin marble, Rain Forest Brown marble, Black Matrix granite.


Feet in black plastic material.


To remove dust from marble and granite, simply wipe with a soft dry cloth. In the case of oily or liquid substances, proceed by dabbing immediately with the aid of a soft cloth or absorbent paper. Do not use alcoholic substances, solvents or abrasive products which would irreparably damage the surface.


Marble and granite are natural, for this reason veins and shades of color may vary depending on the slabs extracted. These variations should not be considered defects but a guarantee of authenticity of these materials.

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