“An ode to Dolce Vita, a homage to the Eternal City”

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Designers: Gio Mussi
Mussi Roma sofa white background

Geometric but not predictable, classic yet current, Roma is a sofa that reveals something new about itself every time, like the city from which it takes its name. Thanks to a double - zipper system, Roma never loses its shape, available with or without profiles and with backrest of two different heights. The solid structure and the rigorous lines are made less severe by the softness of the seat, evoking living rooms of the past, stories of bygone loves, romantic music at sunset.

“An ode to Dolce Vita, a homage to the Eternal City”

Mussi Roma sofa white background

Technical features


Solid wood and plywood structure with high density polyurethane springing. High resilience polyurethane foam padding made up of several shaped layers for the correct seating of the cushions. High resilience polyurethane covering coupled with nylon jersey.


The upholstery is available in all the fabrics and leathers of the Mussi collection. The upholstery of the cushions is enriched by a piping in cotton and acetate grosgrain in different colors or in fabric upon request. The backrest upholstery is also embellished with padded buttons covered in the same fabric as the sofa or in the same fabric as the piping if different.


Seat cushion padding in Assopiuma certified Ivory label goose down (90% goose down, 10% duck feather) channeled in an Assopiuma certified breathable cotton cover. Cushion support in high resilience polyurethane foam with different densities. A second insert in polyurethane covered with nylon jersey allows the anchorage of the lining. Back cushions padding in channeled goose Assopiuma Ivory label certified goose down (90% goose down, 10% duck feather) with shaped polyurethane insert for correct lumbar support. Assopiuma certified breathable cotton containment lining. Upon request: cushions in high resilience polyurethane foam with different densities covered with thermo-bonded fiber.


The structure upholstery is completely removable by detaching the Velcro anchoring. The cover of the seat cushions is completely removable by opening the two hinges on the back. The cover of the back cushions is completely removable by opening the hinges. By removing the backrest it is not possible to insert the buttons except with an upholstery needle. The cover is removable in both fabric and leather versions.


Feet in solid wood dyed glossy black.

Sitting comfort

Sofa with comfortable seat for those looking for a traditional posture.


Squeezing is necessary for the correct maintenance of the feather cushions: slam the cushions vigorously in order to rearrange the feathers inside.


When washing the fabric cover, follow the indications on the product sheet and cover the Velcro parts that could damage the fabric during washing. The soft padding will give the cover a natural softer and more aged appearance over time.


Roma sofa is available with backrests in two different heights, 82 cm and 77 cm, to satisfy different furnishing needs.

Mussi Roma sofa 82 cm backrest. 82 cm backrest.
Mussi Roma sofa 77 cm backrest. 77 cm backrest.
Mussi Roma sofa stop cover

Stop Cover, Mussi's innovation for aesthetics and comfort

Roma hides a special insert on the back of the seat that acts as a stop-cover for the backrest and helps to mitigate the natural slip of the cushion cover when people sit on it.

A zipper divides a second cushion which reduces the slips of the cover regardless of the movements of those who sit on the seat. An innovative device, designed by Mussi, which contributes to maintaining the aesthetics of the sofa, without sacrificing comfort.

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