"Mysterious and changeable, like the moon"



Designers: Omar Mohamed
Mussi Eclissi lamp discs

Eclissi is the moon that hides and then returns to light up the night. It is the mystery and charm of twilight. It is the story of sophisticated and elegant environments, like the people who inhabit its spaces and live its places. A changeable wall lamp with replaceable external discs, customizable in the finish and emblem. A piece of furniture that can change with you, but only if you wish.

"Mysterious and changeable, like the moon"

Mussi Eclissi lamp discs

Technical features


Lamp body structure in matt black painted steel and magnets. Satin plexiglass diffuser.
Disc structure in brushed bronze painted steel or glossy black.




Input Voltage: 230/240V
Output Voltage: 24V
Consumption: 20w
Lumen 1600lm

Color temperature

2700K  3000K   4000K


Dimming unit with button.
Optional RF remote control.

Eclissi discs

Mussi Eclissi wall lamp lends itself to different compositions and infinite customizations. Thanks to a simple magnet hooking system, it is possible to interchange the disks, which in turn can be customized in shapes, colors, logos and finishes. Eclissi standard discs are available in two sizes, with two different types of decorations and finishes. The lamp is dimmable via button and remote control. It is also possible to choose Eclissi in different color temperatures.

Mussi Eclissi lamp bronze satin finish Bronze satin finish
Mussi lamp disc with glossy black finish Glossy black finish
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