Omar Mohamed

Milan, 1977

Architect and designer, Omar Mohamed graduated with honors from Milan Politecnico in 2005. He followed the courses of Scenography by Gabriele Amadori with whom he also performed action painting shows.
For the theater he has created several scenographic installations and has directed dozens of plays.
In 2006 he founded OM studio and since then has collaborated with various design studios related to the world of retail and high fashion boutiques following the set-ups, design and production of furnishings for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent.

He was a professor of Store Design and Visual Merchandising for I.E.D. European Institute of Design. He is now mainly involved in the design and engineering of furniture and lighting elements for private homes, restaurants and hotel chains including Ritz Carlton. His research and experimentation of new materials and construction systems for the design and prototyping of seats and lighting fixtures for the industry continues.

Designer for Mussi: Omar Mohamed

Products designed by Omar Mohamed

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