We have always paid attention to customer requests by offering the high tailoring of our craftsmen.

A prestigious client had entrusted our skills with the creation of a sofa for an occasion of particular importance.

A great event organized for the wedding of the princess of Bahrain. A tensile structure built only for the occasion capable of welcoming the 2200 guests furnished by Italian scenographers.

A complex study that involved several professional figures to obtain an impeccable result despite the limited time required by the client. 350 cm in length, a particular curved shape, completely suspended without the support of any foot, 550 kg in weight. Luxury and character, a sparkling and precious 24 k gold leaf covering for the structure and soft velvet enriched by the tailored quilting for the seat.

A great satisfaction and a great honor for Mussi to have been chosen by the Bahrain princess for the realization of the sofa for her wedding.

Mussi design projects: Bahrain sofa
Mussi design projects: Bahrain sofa
Mussi design projects: Bahrain sofa back
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