Giorgio Palù

Cremona, 1964

Giorgio Palù, (Cremona, 1964) graduated in architecture in Milan in 1989. He started his freelance activity in 1991 and in 1994 he consolidated his collaboration with his colleague Michele Bianchi with the establishment of the Arkpabi studio Giorgio Palù & Michele Bianchi architects in Cremona.

In 2004 the studio opened an office in Milan, establishing Arkpabi Milano. Giorgio Palù also created several works in the public and private sector with particular attention to residential construction; he addressed design themes with an approach based on architectural research, technical-material experimentation and technological innovation.

Design for communication ADI Design Index 2015 has awarded Giorgio Palù the Compasso d'Oro for the Giovanni Arvedi auditorium of Cremona Violin Museum, for having shaped the concept of harmony with beauty and elegance, equal to a great musical instrument, the violin.

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Designer for Mussi: Giorgio Palù
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